Several Different Live Fir Options That Will Help Liven Up a Home This Winter

As the year winds down, people begin to think about the Christmas season. Not only do they start planning what gifts they will be giving, they also begin purchasing sesonal home decor. Some households stick to artificial decorations because they feel it’s easier to manage, but many people love the look, smell, and feel that comes with a live piece of ornamentation. In addition to a live Christmas tree, this could include a length of garland, wreath, or tabletop centerpiece. The one thing to remember is that the better quality the decor is, the longer it will last and liven up the home. This is why ordering these products from places like the Worcester Wreath Company is important. Offering handmade items created from high quality balsam wood, these online retailers provide top-notch winter decor that stays looking fresh throughout the entire Christmas season.


When someone thinks of decorative christmas wreaths, they typically picture lush evergreen fir sprigs adorned with a red bow and pine cones. Companies like Worcester Wreath specialize in this design, but also offer many more variations than one might expect. Thick, fragrant wreathes that incorporate small light sets, frosted preserved berries, and extravagantly fashioned metallic colored bows will definitely stand out. Customers can also choose between average sized wreaths, measuring around 24 inches in radius, to much smaller, mini wreathes. For those who feel that a live wreath is overbearing, decorative balsam swags can easily be substituted to provide holiday cheer on doors, windows, and mailboxes.

Several other forms of alternate balsam products are also available at websites like Different styles of tabletop centerpiece trees can be used to beautify dinner, coffee, and end tables. Natural garland strands can be ordered to run across fireplace mantles, through staircase railings, and around door jambs. The company also offers pleasing Advent candle displays and small candlelit, tabletop wreaths, all made from live Maine fir trees. All of these products help enhance the Christmas season by creating an inviting and festive atmosphere.

Wocester Wreath is also heavily involved in military service recognition. As Founders of Wreaths Across America, the company donates seven wreaths to each state, representing each branch of the military as well as POW’s and MIA’s. These wreathes are placed at cemeteries and monuments across the country during the Christmas season as a way to recognize and honor all those who have served the country. To expand on this dedication, a line of wreaths is offered that pays tribute to military service people and their family members. This includes traditionally decorated wreaths adorned with service branch flags as well as star shaped wreathes that bear a blue ribbon for active military personnel or gold for the spouses deceased veterans.

One of the easiest ways to liven up a home this winter and create a cheerful atmosphere is through the use of natural decor. The look and smell of a live balsam Christmas wreath or centerpiece can accomplish this task and make both homeowners and visitors embrace the joy of the season.

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